Diamonds and You

What Men Should Know about Diamonds?

Just like marriages, Diamonds are…. complicated!

Don’t Worry. PJ Sons will make things easier for you.

Clarity : -

Let us discuss about the grade many must have seen in school. A big fat F. F stands for Flawless and is the highest grade of diamond you can get.

The clearer the diamond, the better it is. Diamonds are graded according to its clarity, sometimes also referred as purity.

Every diamond has different identifying characteristics, termed as inclusions. No two diamonds are alike. The inclusions aid in distinguishing any two diamonds in the world and also establishing their value.

The lesser the inclusions, the more affordable the diamond gets. No doubt, an expensive diamond means she’ll love you more and you’ll hate PJ Sons more, anyways your win-win situation.

So getting back to the point, all diamonds are rated on the following scale:-


F – A very rare breed. Don’t forget to take a picture when you see it.

IF – Can be spotted in a museum or an art gallery but we have it at our showroom.

VVS1 – Only Superman can easily spot an inclusion here.

VVS2 - An inferior superhero like the Hawkeye can find a really tiny inclusion.

VS1 – Difficult to spot the inclusion, requires an experienced eye.

VS2 – Very similar to VS1. Inclusions are slightly more visible.

SI1 – A regular person could find an inclusion using a normal jeweler’s loupe or a 10x Microscope.

SI2 – Inclusions become easier to find with the help of a microscope. A person with a really good eyesight can also find it with bare eyes.

I1 – Even without a microscope, a characteristic can be identified with a 20/20 vision.

I2- Just try to concentrate on the diamond without your sunglasses and you can spot the inclusion.

I3 – Even your half blind aged aunt could find an inclusion from the other end of the room.

Color : -

Diamonds are also graded according to their colour, ranging from very clear “colourless” to shades of yellow and brown. The colour scale is as follows:-

D - F – These come under the category of colourless diamonds without even a tinge of yellow.

For an average human eye it is next to impossible to detect the difference between D,E and F.

Close your eyes and if you like to be her prince forever, buy her a colourless diamond.

G - J – This comes under the category of nearly colourless. You will definitely save some cash here but still buy her a beautiful and mesmerizing white diamond.

K -M – If you look hard at the diamond, you can witness a slight hint of yellow. You will save more bucks here.

N - R – This category of diamonds will have a slight shade of yellow. The lower you go, the darker it gets.

S-Z - You’ll really start seeing yellow now. Don’t worry it isn’t because of the fear of commitment. Come on, go ahead man.

Cut : -

The cut of a diamond deals with its proportions, finish, symmetry and polish. It helps in the metamorphosis of a diamond from its rough stage to turn into an attractive looking gemstone which your lovely lady shows her friends.

The cut of a diamond has a huge contribution to make your beautiful diamonds sparkle. It will decide how many people will get jealous with the shine of your lovely diamonds.

A Diamond with proper cuts and shape will sparkle more because of its perfectly aligned facets that will reflect the light brilliantly. You should be taking notes if you are smart enough.

Carat Weight :-

A Diamond is measured according to its weight in terms of carat. And over here, the size does matter!

No doubt, anything over one is well above average and two is huge.

Let us now take all the parameters into account. If you gift her even a 1 carat diamond with no visible inclusions, having a shiny white colour and an impeccable cut, it would look just as amazing as any two carat stone. Now everything depends on you.

Certification :-

Certification is the most important point while purchasing jewellery. You should always take a certificate for the jewellery you purchase.

If the jeweler is not giving you a certificate for the diamond jewellery you are purchasing or a solitaire ring, then it is advisable to not to purchase it as it can be of lower quality than informed by the jeweler.

We at Punjab Jewellers and Sons makes it a point to give a certificate for the diamond jewellery and have fully certified jewellery at our showroom.

Shape :-

The class isn’t over yet. Let’s also cover the different diamond shapes.


You might have found the perfect guy. Now it’s time to select the perfect diamonds!

You shouldn’t worry about the in depth knowledge of diamonds but should just know what diamonds to buy!

What clarity should I go for?

SI is most demanded in diamond studded jewellery. These diamonds look great and also saves your cash. Although, if you can afford fewer inclusions and better clarity, surely you should go for a higher quality.

If you are going for a solitaire, then an ideal clarity would be VS1 which has a higher demand. It’s absolutely your choice but is preferred not to go below VS2 in solitaires.

What about the colour?

G-H is the most preferred when it comes to diamond studded jewellery as it looks amazing when set on jewellery. They are white, sparky and a perfect choice if you go for diamond studded jewellery while it is not costly to the pockets as well.

Colour for a solitaire is preferred not below J colour. If it suits your pocket then E-F and if you have a lower budget then you can go for a lower quality.

Should I go really big?

As mentioned before, size does matter. Some girls wish to have a bigger diamond while others are satisfied with smaller sized diamonds. According to us, a 1 carat diamond with perfectly shaped facets would look as decent as a bigger diamond.

If you have the budget, then you can surely go for the bigger size along with the best quality, but if you want to go for a bigger sized diamond in budget then you can compromise on other parameters I.e. clarity and colour but is not advisable to compromise the cut.

Class Dismissed

So after understanding our information you must have got some helping light to take you across the dark forest of diamond purchasing.

Now you can explore PJ Sons collections with your newfound knowledge.

Raise your hand if you have any questions or just ask us. Or better yet, raise her hand – and put a beautiful ring on that thing!